Transparency in the entrepreneur-to-LP tech ecosystem #OpenLP

Venture capital used to be a highly opaque industry. Very few firms, accessible only through network, intransparent decision-making processes. From the outside it looked slightly mystical and certainly very glamorous (it is not).  

Thankfully much has changed. The first generation of VC bloggers, like Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Fred Destin, and others, have contributed to making the industry much more transparent and approachable. And so much capital has flowed in that you can't really move for new firms.*

Venture is now universally discussed - almost overly so. If you're in tech, it's hard to escape "VC Twitter", which is its own little ecosystem. Some of it is content marketing (a lot of it is content marketing), but there are so many smart, well-intentioned, insightful people that are very open that founders can now follow and reach out easily.

A similar openness has been coming to the Limited Partner ecosystem. LPs are the capital behind the venture funds, which are turn managed by General Partners, the VCs themselves. 

Sapphire Ventures launched OpenLP in 2016 to foster more transparency in the tech (LP) community. The site aggregates blog posts and other writings by a very diverse set of LPs. It also has a Twitter hashtag #openlp that lets you follow the conversation.

I love the opportunity of learning more about the motivations and decision-making processes in a part of our industry that used to be similarly opaque. 

If you're in venture, or an interested founder or investor, check out OpenLP. I've found it fascinating. Much props to Sapphire for running it.  

* In numbers, the amount of capital available has certainly grown faster than the amount of good companies to invest in. Not dissimilarly, the amount of founders now outstrips the availability of good engineers.