The supremacy of Mind in human affairs

Kapil Gupta MD, coach to athletes, CEOs, and perhaps most notably (in our world) reviewed very favorably by Naval Ravikant, tweeted this in response to my previous post and comment "Not everything is political": 

Doesn't that feel right? It does to me. 

And reminds me reflexively, media-addled mind that I am an owner/a slave of, of this somewhat less beautiful Simpsons quote:

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It is an addiction of mind, this obsession with news and politics and media. The ingestion, processing (labeling, judging), regurgitation of information, data, the attempt to accumulate, to hoard "knowledge", to better and lecture and prescribe. And the belief that through this same process we can relieve the symptoms of the pain... 

The process is the pain in the first place.

We forget that we give permission to being disturbed by meaningless things. But once you're in the mind-world, it is much harder to stop. Just like an addiction.

I have days that I live without. Where I am with the world. Where I see, touch, smell, taste, am more. 

Interestingly it is those days that my connection to others is strong. Where I am fully there and others - strangers, too - unfailingly notice. 

On days like these I seem to be able to live more smoothly. There can be no wrong. Mind is my tool, rather than I a tool of it. 

These are not fleeting times, a few minutes, here or there. It goes a while if I don't hit... a bump. It feels less like a different "state" than what the mystics write, and more "hyper-real." 

Oddly it is not practice that makes it better. It's just awareness. There is no tension in it. 

But then I wake up another day and it is gone, disturbed by... I am not sure what. A "bump." Some event, some anxiety, some future plan the outcome of which matters so much. And then we're back on the merry-go-round.

I think it is a form of self-sabotage. Surely I am overthinking this. :)  

Go follow Kapil Gupta in any case + check out his books (free with Kindle Unlimited).