Password management

There's an assumption of security in technology that has never been true. 

More and more of how we live, work, and play is intermediated by online services. Every time you get in your car. Every time you buy a coffee. Every time you pick up your phone. Book a flight. Wire some money. Watch a movie.

From unauthorized access to social engineering, the core fabric of online services is not secure. And that won't change for the foreseeable future. If anything, breaches will be bigger, more impactful, more costly.

The fact that one of the largest hotel chains in the world didn't find out that its guest database was leaking passport and credit card numbers is mind-boggling in its implications. 

And so I want to encourage you to take one annoying but necessary step to protect yourself: use a password manager.

Most people use a primary password, or some tiered level of "more secure" passwords that are nevertheless the same between services. 

You only need one breach for it to become a real problem.

I personally use 1Password, but I've heard good things about LastPass and maybe Dashlane. 

Do it today.