Heartcore's first annual report: Consumer Technology Trends 2020

After a lengthy blogging hiatus following our rebrand as Heartcore Capital, I'm thrilled to be able to share our first annual Consumer Technology Trends report with you.

To whet your appetite, we dove into relevant spend categories for the European consumer - retail, food, travel, real estate, finance & insurance, health, media & entertainment, as well as mobility & energy. And each partner contributed the trends they saw play out over 2019 and how those might continue in 2020. 

We hope it's a must-read for each founder and investor in these verticals. 

Following the verticals, we posit some key horizontal trends for the current year. Top of the list is sustainability, followed by rentals that broaden access to previously owned assets, and then the general malaise of uncertainty and confusion that consumers feel and what that might mean for operators and investors.

We'd love your feedback, either here in the comments or on the various social platforms. Thanks for reading and do please pass it on if you like it. 

Much love,