The Heartcore Capital Fellowship

We announced a new investment program today, the Heartcore Capital Fellowship (see Steve O'Hear on Techcrunch here). It's pre-pre-seed financing for consumer tech founders in "lockdown." 

The offer is €100,000 per founder for a 7% total equity stake per company. The investment instrument is a convertible note. The company does not need to be founded yet, nor is an idea required to apply (we have many). The only restriction is that the focus be consumer technology (B2C/B2B2C) and that the base of operations be Europe. 

The goal of Fellowship financing is to build a prototype, with a view to raising a seed round when lockdowns are lifted and travel restrictions eased.

We don't yet know what the "new normal" will look like. But we do know that many great potential founders are currently stuck at home. And we know that some truly exceptional people have lost their jobs and are wondering what's next. 

Our desire is two-fold: we want to offer these folks the chance to get going right now, without needing to put their entrepreneurial career on hold. And we want stay true to our mission in the face of adversity: to help build global, category-defining consumer technology brands from Europe. 

For all their awfulness in human suffering, crises like the pandemic are opportunities for growth (Heartcore foundational principle #16). The current period is a chance to re-examine our life, including our life's work. Great businesses have always been founded in uncertain times. We are keen to get to work with you. 

You can apply here: It's a simple Typeform followed by conversations on Zoom with the Heartcore investment team.