Energy attracts like energy (#4)

I'm doing a small series on Heartcore Capital's foundational principles: the previous posts are "No fear, no greed"; "We're the coach, not the athlete;" and "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly."

This fourth one is "energy attracts like energy."

If you think this sounds like "law of attraction" pseudo-scientific type new age babble, you're right insofar as this principle has been widely misued by false prophets. This isn't about positive thinking, or manifesting success, or "the more you give the more you get" prosperity gospel sermons.

Instead, what we mean is that the attitude you bring to an interaction is usually what you get in return. If you meet someone angry with more anger, the likelihood that you will perpetuate a difficult situation is high. If you are anxious, you will instill fear. If you are careless, you will reap negligence. 

The attitudes we display to one another are self-reinforcing because they are mirrored

Walk into a company and you can tell a lot by the state of their reception desk. Is it clean, well-ordered, are you greeted by someone relaxed, friendly, and open? Chances are that this company is a well-run organization. Or are they surly, stressed, and distracted? Of course they might just be having a bad day. But more often that not, you can feel how a company is doing once you spend a bit of time at reception. Another good indicator is the state of its washrooms, but that's for another post!

Energy attracts like energy is, for me, a more positively framed version of "turning the other cheek." By changing the energy you bring to a conversation you can put in onto another trajectory. 

And this applies to more than conversations. The way you show up at your organization effectively determines your capacity for leadership. As a CEO, your behaviors will percolate through the company in ways you can't even imagine. There is no space for weakness here. Does that make you anxious? That's probably a good type of anxiety. You owe them your best.

As investors, the way we show up with founders is massively undervalued. Our industry talks a great deal about tangible value-add, like providing strategic insight or making introductions. 

But the way you behave, your conscious and unconscious intentions, has a great deal of influence on companies. That's because the energy with which we show up gets transmitted to the founder and, unless they are superb at their job, makes its way through the organization as a whole.

By the way, this isn't an admonishment for mindless optimism. Frequently the role of a VC is that of an agent of temperance - to help  take the long view and smooth the emotional rollercoaster. Above all, we believe in kindness, honestly, and living to your full potential (truth, love, and growth). 

If you bring that energy to any interaction, no matter how difficult, there's little that can stop you being a massive force for good.