Copyrighting melodies - AllTheMusic

I'm a fairly big fan of capitalism. Money as a tool for the exchange of value is one of humanity's greatest civilizing inventions after language. 

Greed may be evil. But greed is much older than money and has less to do with it than you think. You can hoard many things - power, adulation, dependence. Money just happens to be a very good way of keeping track of a specific value.

I'm less of a fan of patents and copyright. We can recognize the importance of creativity and invention in many different ways. Bestowing an artificial, government-granted monopoly is only one way to let creators profit from them. In general patents and copyright have been lobbied to be much stronger monopolies than they need to be to encourage new work.

So I was quite happy to hear that some folks had algorithmically generated a metric ton of 610GB of MIDI melodies and made them freely available. Their work is downloadable on their site AllTheMusic and you can see it in detail on Github/allthemusic

I don't know the legal intricacies here. It's not prior art (that's patents) and it's not public domain (that would be if a previous copyright expired). There may not even be "an author." But it may well be used as proof that melodies are just math, which could prevent the sort of frivolous "inspired by" lawsuits that we've seen in the recent past

It's a smart thing to do and I hope it gets tested in court soon.