Two things destroy companies

"Two things destroy companies... mediocrity, and making it all about yourself." - Halt and Catch Fire, ep. 3

If you haven't watched HCF, it's worth it. I think it's on Amazon Prime in many territories.* 

This is a great quote. There's lots of things out there about what kills companies. Running out of money. Being too early. Not making something people want. 

But the core, really, is not being good at what you do and ego. Both can be fixed. But in conjunction, they're 100% fatal. 

Remember: truth, love, and growth. This is exactly what that means. To make it about the thing, and to be excellent at making the thing. 

*How I hate geofencing. It's one of the most pure expressions of the hold the "real" world now has over cyberspace. It's time the pendulum swung the over way again.