Truth is a pathless land

If what we seek is Truth, the only thing we should let guide us is an unflinching readiness to admit that we're wrong. 

If we follow a teacher, are we following truth? 

If we can look at the world only through the images we have made of it, only through all our learnings and our memories, are we seeing, really seeing it? 

What space between the observer and the observed?

Some of us are so proud of our intelligence, it traps us. We are abstract people leading abstract lives. 

The final barrier to Truth, of course, is truth itself. But surely truth is not a barrier to Truth? To which the sages say, the donkey that brings you to the door is not the means by which you enter the house.

Happy Sunday. 

P.S. Lots of Krishnamurti and Anthony de Mello in there. Somehow I doubt they'd mind.