The rise of micromerch

Micromerch is an even bigger deal than this NYT article would have you think

In a world where supply chain access has become a non-issue, long tail merchandise will become ubiquitous. There's no reason why anyone of any influence, and be it simply the taste and time enough to curate, shouldn't launch their own line of merchandise. The only limiter is attention and discretionary spend. 

Note I'm not saying everyone _should_ have their own line of merchandise. That ship seems to have sailed. We stopped calling this "selling out" quite a while ago. The future will be monetized.

That said, the micromerch world is in need of quality suppliers. We need to vet for sweatshops, make supply chains transparent, limit the environmental harm of throwaway culture. Encourage reduce, reuse, repair, recycle. 

And then we need someone to aggregate the explosion of supply into consumable shops. A new kind of Farfetch, really. 

All of this was the original promise of Cafepress and Spreadshirt. We're coming full circle. 

P.S. Image from the rather wonderful Ayesha x Cult Days