The next iteration of co-working spaces

My colleague Deepka has a new post about the next iteration of co-working spaces on Medium right now.

Her thesis is that co-working will verticalize and deepen, with new propositions possible/probable in beauty (more flexible salons), DTC brands (pop-up retail space with warehouse/logistics + office), and gastronomy (shared virtual kitchens using Deliveroo/UberEats as front-end). We've already seen a few of the latter and invested e.g. in Taster, a take on the virtual kitchen. 

The independent contractor/freelance economy is growing very rapidly. A partial cause is lower transaction costs of the internet and hence the smaller theoretically optimal size of the firm (see Coase). Another is people preferring a more flexible work life that isn't tied to a specific location. 

The gig economy isn't just Uber drivers. I've seen projections where freelance work will become a majority of employment in developed economies. That's a major opportunity for many people, especially educated folks around the globe. But it also poses challenges in pensions, benefits, and social cohesion. 

It will be interesting to see what happens when the trade war moves to services.