The market for something to believe in is infinite

This year marks my tenth year in VC, and the fifth year co-running our own firm, Sunstone Capital. I've backed a good two dozen companies at this point. And yet there's one lesson it took me a long time to learn. My friend Hugh Macleod sums it up well on this Hughcard, my absolute favourite of his work: 

Copyright Gapingvoid/Hugh MacLeod 

Hugh posted about his 2004 Hughtrain manifesto (2004 ChangeThis PDF here) a few days ago: The Hughtrain (2018 version). It's just as fresh - maybe more so given all that has happened in the last decade - as it was 15 years ago:

"We are here to find meaning. We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary... great branding is a spiritual exercise."

Go read it. It touches on a lot of things that we're going to talk about soon in our direct-to-consumer investment thesis.