The fastest growing verticals in direct-to-consumer brands - aka fantastic new companies and where to build them

Annual consumer packaged goods (CPG) online sales in key categories are up ~30-40% year-on-year (in the last year where I've been able to find data, 2016), growing around 2x faster than total ecommerce sales. 

While supplements are the category leader online by value, pet care, cosmetics, and facial care all surpassed $1 billion in ecommerce sales in 2016 in the US. 

The fastest growing categories were pet care, laundry & dish, and cleaners, all growing at >50% yoy. 

Among the fastest growing retailers are folks like (subscription) and Drs. Foster & Smith, a testament to the attractiveness of the pet vertical. 

Here's the full report by 1010data.  

Brb, looking for new brands that make pets happy.