Talking, talking, talking: wisdom with Charlotte

This Saturday we returned from an extended holiday/parental leave. One of the episodes that really stuck with me was the following exchange with our eldest.

Alina: “Charlie, listen to papa. What did papa say?”
Charlotte (2): “Talking, talking, talking.”

Which, from her perspective, is totally valid. I’m way too verbose for a two year old. Probably way too verbose for most people in my life. I’m going to tune down the -v flag a bit and listen more.

Incidentally, I also broke a toe on the return trip. Which I’ve decided to be really grateful for, because I was about to get back into my habit of running hard towards [whatever]. It’s slowed me down quite a bit a lot. And by being forced to be slow, I find myself looking and feeling more.

These are good things.

Talk less. Listen more.
Run less. Look more.

Thrilled to be back at work and looking forward to making this a regular blog thing again.

Much love,

P.S. Also rewatched all three seasons of Rick and Morty. What what. The third season isn’t as terrible as I thought.