Sunstone seed investments (€100K to €500K): investing earlier and earlier

Over time my partners and I have learned that we care much more about the "Who" and the "Why" of a company, rather than the "What." That's not to say that the "What" doesn't matter. We think that our companies should win because they make products that deserve to win.

But in the context of our investment strategy, who the founders are and why they do what they do are our key criteria for making an investment. Not only are we much better at assessing people and motivation than we are at predicting what's going to sell. But we've also found that companies usually take a few iterations to really settle on product and market. And finally that when great people meet even a mediocre market, they tend to build something sustainable and special.

In the areas where I'm focused - B2C, direct-to-consumer brands, marketplaces/platforms with a consumer angle - I'm therefore going to be investing earlier-stage than ever. I'd like to be your first cheque (how American!), even if it is only €100-500K.

Over the weekend I looked at our median investment size in Sunstone Technology Ventures Fund IV and it was over €2M. I'd like to bring that back down to €1-1.5M. And the way to do that is to back 5 or more companies at inception in the next 12 months.

If you want to show us your company, the fastest and easiest way is to put your information directly into our Dealflow system via this link (Typeform). The old school way, via, still works as well (but slower).