Spacetime and the order of things

I’m reading Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time. 

I’m struck by an analogy of the Einsteinian synthesis of Aristotelian relative and Newtonian absolute time into the field of spacetime: it is an apt metaphor for so many of the discussions I follow. Both of the relativist and the absolutist kind, and the apparent irreconcilability of opposing absolutes. 

Things can be both relative and absolute in relation to each other. The differences we see are matters of perspective, the speed of personal growth, directionality, our ability to observe. Increasing entropy is nothing but a lack of observational capacity. 

There is _always_ an integral view. Always the shift you can make to understand even if you don’t agree. 

Look at the world like the living God you are. Assume the limitations of your views are just this - limiting beliefs you have acquired, just as easily let go if they no longer serve you. 

It is time to shed them.