Setting up a DTC Y Combinator in Europe - seed investment in direct-to-consumer brands (€100K-500K)

Ryan Caldbeck (Google Sippenhaft if you were going to say anything) has a very good thread on Twitter (h/t Deepka, Marius, Max, Sia) about figuring out the revolution of direct-to-consumer brands. Read the whole thread starting here:

Lower barriers to entry in supply chain (globalization) + zero barrier to entry in retail (direct ecommerce) + variable marketing costs (internet) = a Cambrian explosion of brands.

This is a big big deal, because the markets are huge (trillions) and the old brands are tired. Low R&D for years + stuck in industrialization mass media consumer advertising retail intermediated mindset = easy to disrupt.

We're currently thinking hard at Sunstone about setting up a program to make it easier for would be DTC founders to get started. A mini-YC or EF, we'd give you €100K to figure out whether what you want to do is viable and put together a team. Then another €500K cheque to test product-market fit. We could do ~10-20 of these deals a year.

UPDATE: Since this post, we have started making seed (€100K-€500K) and Series A (€1-5€M) investments in direct-to-consumer brands all across Europe. If you're running this type of company, we'd love to hear from you. 

There are two easy ways of getting in touch:

- you can put yourself directly into our dealflow CRM via this link (Typeform)

- or you can email me at (this is a bit slower because I get a lot of email)