Robert Crumb documentary

Slightly failing on my daily posting regimen, but that's because I'm fighting an inner fight of what I should write more about: venture capital (the outer life), leadership (the inner life), spirituality (my own journey), or just what I'm thinking about on a given day. 

I'm overthinking this, I'm sure. Let me know in the comments. 

Also the last few weeks have been incredibly intense, with us seeing quite a few doable seed investments - all DNVB/DTC - and hence a lot of time traveling - London, Madrid, Copenhagen, Romania... 

I spent two hours today watching the the 1994 documentary of Robert Crumb today, which is an absolutely devastating piece of art. I had heard about it after being sent an excerpt from a Jordan Peterson lecture (part of his biblical series) by a friend. It's absolutely terrifying to the part of me that identifies with high trait openness and creativity. I am lucky to come from a more functional family - Crumb's childhood sounds like absolute hell. 

It's a film worth watching if you are interested in underground cartoons of the 60s/70s, counter-culture, the condition of artists' lives, psychology, and perhaps more generally if you like good documentaries.