Reality as a series of connected graphs - Neo4j, the graph database, raises $80 million

Emil Eifrem and his team at Neo4j, the world's leading graph database company, today announced a Series E of $80 million, co-led by One Peak Partners and Morgan Stanley. You can read Emil's blog post here.  

Sunstone first invested in Emil and his company in 2009 in a $2.5 million seed round and has since supported the company in every financing, totaling $160 million in overall funds raised. 

We have believed in Emil's mission for a long time. Graphs are often a better way of modeling reality and certainly computationally cheaper when it comes to e.g. deeper level join operations. This advantage grows significantly with the complexity of queries. 

But graphs are more important than that. The relationships between people and between people and things are often a much better predictor of behavior than a lot of data points about a single object. 

This is not just true when you want to manipulate elections (ha!), but when you want to make purchasing recommendations, prevent fraud, analyze complicated networks in terrorist financing or money laundering, or simply power social networking applications.

For instance, Neo4j was instrumental in analyzing the Panama Papers, but it is also used by Walmart to drive personal recommendations or by eBay to speed ecommerce delivery routing

We're thrilled that Neo4j now has the funds to help power applications that go well beyond its original vision. Graph databases are a key component of predictive computing and we're excited for what the company will announce next.