#taketheexit? Not quite yet, METRO

For a few weeks posters on the streets of Berlin have been pleading with developers to #taketheexit (see below). Ostensibly because of poor working conditions in startups. 

Having been involved in a fairly large number of startup companies at this point, I've seen crunch times, shitty offices, and managers who succumbed to their anxieties and shouted at employees. The latter is never acceptable. I'd always encourage anyone to #taketheexit from an abusive or otherwise toxic environment. 

But overall, people love working at startups for a whole number of reasons: more freedom, more responsibility, less need to conform, fewer overheads, fewer stupid meetings, a strong sense of purpose/meaning, higher impact, cooler people, fewer rules and regulations, etc. 

So the axis of working conditions is a bit of a weird one as a dimension of competition because it was always very unlikely that the advertiser would be able to compete. Maybe with "fewer hours." 

Today it was revealed that METRO, the retail group, is behind the campaign. Too bad only that they don't list any jobs on their Work With Us page. Feels like a pretty big investment to screw up conversion that way...

If you want to make people shop a bit more frequently at METRO companies, or increase average order value there, or make sure there are fewer hiccups in the METRO supply chain, by all means do go work at METRO.

But for those of us who want to change the world, feel free to stay in startupland a bit longer. We love having you and are working hard to #giveyoutheexit you deserve. 

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"Feels like a pretty big investment to screw up conversion that way..." That's exactly the way start up people are. Narrow-minded and not being able to look left or right. Focused on short-term conversions instead of also looking at mid or long term goals, not being able to develop a basic understanding of strategy. Ever taken into consideration that candidate journeys are not as linear as processes in your start up brain?
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