Music Saturday: Tracking Treasure Down (Gabriel & Dresden)

I started in VC at Atlas Venture (now: Accomplice) in 2007, right around the time sold to CBS (my first exit as an angel investor). The focus of that gig as an analyst/then associate was 90% sourcing and I worked 100 hour weeks doing just that. It never felt like work, looking at new products and reaching out to interesting people. At the time it was still possible to pretty much know every tech startup in Europe, something that seems crazy today. 

I have a vivid imagination (my whole family does) and at night I'd listen to music (no Spotify yet) while reading about emerging companies. This one track in particular I thought of as my "anthem"": I was there alone in the office at midnight, tracking treasure down. 

Good (if lonely) times. 

Hope you like the track (it's aged slightly!). 🤟🏻

P.S. these posts tend to be the least popular on my blog and I'm going to see if I will vary them. If you have suggestions of what other media content to post (videos of talks? podcast episodes?), let me know. And have a peaceful weekend, everyone.