Music Saturday: Jazz and the 90s, my first ever Spotify playlist

Pär-Jörgen of Northzone and Fredrik of Creandum had great retrospective posts (here and here) on the Spotify story this week. I never saw Spotify at the Series A (I was at Atlas at the time - here's Fred Destin's Twitter thread reminiscing) and my current partners at Sunstone also passed on that round.

After Skype, ARM and Supercell, Spotify's debut (WSJ, paywall) is testament yet again to Europe's capability of building truly global, sustainable technology businesses. I am in awe of what the team there has built over the years - it just continues to be so much better than the offerings by Apple, Google, Amazon, Rdio, Napster and whoever else tried... (Jay-Z?). 

I went back today to see what my first ever Spotify playlist was (I joined in 2009) and it's "Jazz and the 90s", a slightly histrionic, cheesy but ultimately catchy jazz cover album of various 90s hits. Yes, I'm showing my age here. Best enjoyed as background music. Here's the embed:

P.S. If there's one thing I could change about Spotify, it's their tendency to do zero-rating deals. Please, please support net neutrality and don't let yourself be instrumentalized that way.