Generative design

One of the areas in technology that I am most excited by is generative design.

We have a portfolio company in the space called Their newsletter is very much worth subscribing to. 

While's current focus is helping humans to augment creative work, at a more abstract level generative design allows you to specify the parameters of the design problem you're looking to solve. And then the computer takes those parameters and proposes one or more optimal solutions based on historical data and generated models, cost, physical constraints, etc. 

If you look around the world, the materials we use and the shapes we are familiar with are geometric, because those are easy to think about, easy to manufacture and easy to work with - for humans. But what was true in a mass-produced world doesn't hold in one where generative design and 3D-printing are pervasive. 

The resulting designs and objects are much more organic but also eerily alien. This is where evolution is taking us, and it's incredibly interesting.