Forerunner Ventures' new website

A few weeks ago, Forerunner launched its new site and, while I've never met the partners there, the manifesto resonated deeply with me

"We champion the companies who rewrite the rules of culture."

Isn't that a fairly wonderful thing when you let it sink in. It has that humble backing of founders, combined with shouting their names from the rooftops to anyone who will listen. But championing something is more than just backing or supporting; it is fighting for its idea and underneath its banner. It's proselytizing. It's reminding the company who it is when it loses track. 

Rewriting the rules of culture: when I first saw that, it blew me away. It's very reminiscent of Douglas Holt's Cultural Strategy, of course, which I currently think is the bible of building innovative brands. Identify your market's orthodoxy. Align with the social disruptions that are challenging that orthodoxy. And then go and rewrite the rules of engagement in that market. 

But again, it's more than that here. Rewriting the rules of culture means looking at longer term, secular and even moral trends. Think sustainability, empowerment, more conscious lifestyles, more thoughtful consumption, ... Those are the rules of culture that deserve to be rewritten. It is a statement not just of intent, but of purpose.

Go read the whole thing. It's one of the better takes on our market and business that I've seen.