Finding purpose

"The difficulties and necessities of work, like those of marriage, necessitate some larger perspective, some greater view than the irritations and obstacles of a given day." - David Whyte

To me, the path to entrepreneurship and, eventually, to venture capital has always felt like discovering not a profession, but my vocation. It has been an ongoing and at times difficult conversation about who I am, who I do or do not want to be, what the world deems useful in me, and what I need of the world. 

The overarching drive in me has always been the need to be at the edge, to be part of the conversation about the future horizon, to play a part in its creation. Like all humans, I yearn to strive. Over time, I am learning to let go of the ego of this to see myself as more of an enabler of the inevitable unfolding of the future than its seed. It has caused me to become hugely optimistic, at times giddily excited, about the opportunities of the world and humanity's evolution. 

We are, I now have faith to say, spirit-in-the-making. Our evolutionary history - from atom to molecule to cell to body to mind to soul - charts an inevitable path. As a founder, I'd encourage you to look for the part you and your company are playing in the symphony of cosmic evolution. To align yourself and your team with this greatest tide of our being is the single most integrative step you can take to instill even the hard times with meaning and purpose.