Escape velocity

Last year Joi Ito, who was a co-investor in my first ever seed investment, published an important essay called Resisting Reduction. You can read it here:

I agree with many things in it, not least taking an evolutionary and integral view of progress, and that the one currency view of the world is wrong. But there’s a key concept that I have a different take on: that of escape velocity. 

I deeply believe in escape velocity as a human motivator. Whether it is making planetary resources work for a population of 10 billion. Or making algorithms smarter than humans. Or making us a multi-planetary species. 

These are all escape velocity goals. Without them, we have always been heading for the end of the runway as a species. Technology has always been the lever of escape velocity - we have never managed to “change” human nature. God knows we have killed millions trying. 

Escape velocity goals are good segments to think about starting a business in. They’re generally worthwhile ideas to pursue.