Email subscription and GDPR: sad to see you go

Some of you have requested that you receive my blog posts as email. Thank you for that. 

Unfortunately the GDPR going into effect today means that I won't be able to continue having that functionality. I don't want to risk managing your personal data (aka email addresses) on a blog that blurs the line between personal and commercial. 

The GDPR is well-intentioned but will end up like the cookie directive. It benefits large companies and consumers just click "OK." 

Ultimately the solution to data ownership and privacy needs to be technical. I'd like true control of my personal data, allowing corporations and governments to access it only as needed (similar to OAuth), but making sure it isn't distributed in a thousand different places and being able to revoke permissions as I see fit. 

Unfortunately legislatures, including the European one, aren't sophisticated enough to mandate such changes. And so all we do is enrich lawyers. 

At least we all get a full Reset on email newsletters. For a few months. #cynical