Days like this - our algorithmic future - LOT2046

Bone-weary today - new-parent-tired.

There is a fatigue that is an unfamiliar place. It heightens awareness, fever skin consciousness. 

I have a deep empathy for Berlin, this place between worlds, but on days like this where I can't blend, the city rejects me. I am the gentrification. And I can see past the brave faces to the urban dystopian hellhole that is their socialist utopia.

On days like this I can see how close we are to the future.  How close we are to:

- WeWork giving you a job, not just an office

- Airbnb telling you where to go, not just listing places

- Facebook making friends for you

- Soylent feeding you your prescribed nutrient blend

- Amazon sending you what you need

Did you think we were going to stop at Netflix telling you what to watch?

On days like this, I am not that naive. So I subscribed to LOT. There's hope in surrender.