Copenhagen-Berlin and return

Following the collapse of airberlin, my bread and butter route of Berlin to Copenhagen and back has become a slight nightmare. 4:45am alarm for 7:20am flight out, only return at 9:20pm, touches down 10:30pm, home by 11:15pm. 

It’s crazy that two European capital cities are so poorly connected. When I look at the construction projects that have been completed in China in just the last five years, the failure of Berlin to successfully build an airport and give out existing slots is laughable. 

What’s lacking is the political will in Germany overall and Berlin in particular to tackle the infrastructure projects that make the city and country a long-term viable place to do business.

Don’t even get me started on the lack of fiber infrastructure that is a direct result of government interference at Deutsche Telekom. German internet connections are some of the worst in Europe and among the worst in the developed world.  

Alright, I’m done.