Constantly learning

“Everyone is your student and your teacher.” - iPEC Foundational Principle 

I got in a silly fight recently. Someone was making financial demands while their company was in a highly precarious state. I got emotional, I swore. The other co-founder took the brunt. 

And then something funny happened. He appealed to my empathy. He asked me to see things from their perspective. That the reason for their ask was that they were stressed and worried and scared. 

It totally changed the energy of our exchange. It helped me address the concerns and move the conversation forward. 

I trained for this. I am supposed to be the coach. But I’m not perfect and life (and building companies) is messy. 

It got me to thinking about one of my favorite foundational principles of the coaching program I went through: “everyone is your student and your teacher.” How true. 

I’m grateful for the lesson. Let’s hope I don’t need to learn it again and again.