After Authenticity by Toby Shorin: if you want to understand new brands, it's the most important essay you'll read this week

I am quite serious: go read it. And reflect on the rise and (proposed) fall of authenticity as a central driving force of culture. Because most of the authenticity we come across is as faux as the top-down mass media broadcasts that came before it. Worse: it pretended to be something different. 

What Shorin proposes, and what rings true to me, is that network effects of meaning are emerging. Under authenticity, scale decreases value. But for a connected consumer, this is clearly not true - we revel in the memes, the hashtags, the shared experiences. 

"We live in a time where brands are expected to not just reflect our values but act on them. Trust in business can no longer be based on visual signals of authenticity, only on proof of work."

Amen. You can follow Toby Shorin on Twitter here.